WELLFLEET – Wellfleet Police report that on Wednesday, they received a report of a scam that cost one of our resident’s approx. $5,000. The resident, 63 year old male (ongoing investigation and we will not be releasing the individuals name) received a call from an individual claiming to be from the IRS and advised him that he was delinquent in his payments and owed the IRS $5,000. That if this matter isn’t immediately corrected he would be subject to arrest, seizure, fines, etc. The resident was instructed to get $5,000 in prepaid gift cards and provide the “IRS” with the card’s code. The resident went and got 10 $500 gift cards from a neighboring pharmacy and provided them with the codes. The “IRS” then advised him that he would need to call back the next day and pay another $9,000. Fortunately he didn’t act on the 2nd request and contacted the Wellfleet PD.

Wellfleet Police  wish to warn everyone that people will try several methods to separate you from your money and they are very good at it. Many people have paid and lost money on these types of scams. They will make you confused, panicked and attempt to over stress you with a sense of urgency. They will warn of arrest, medical emergency, owed bill from utilities, government and many other tragedies or the ability to get “easy money” for a small contribution. They will request you send them money via the above mentioned gift cards or western union type exchange.

Reminder legitimate businesses don’t do business this way. Your best way to handle this is to slow the event down, think, talk to someone and contact your local police department before you act.

Media release furnished by Wellfleet Police

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