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About Us

Seamen’s Bank is highly regarded throughout the Commonwealth for its fiscal strength and stability, as well as for its ability to respond quickly to the needs of its customers.

Our business customers look to us for checking accounts that are free of transaction charges, credit on charge deposits within 24 hours, and a full range of loan and mortgage offerings.

Seamen’s Bank was incorporated in 1851 as Seamen’s Savings Bank, a mutual savings bank catering to the small saver and average worker. The first complete Treasurer’s Report to the Trustees occurred on January 15, 1853 and listed 30 depositors with total deposits of $3,295.00. Today the Bank has in excess of 17,000 accounts with deposits of $275,000,000 serving the Lower Cape.

The history of Seamen’s Bank has closely paralleled that of the Lower Cape from the glory days of the whaling industry and the Grand Banks Schooners and the origination of this artists’ colony to the growth of the second home and tourism economy.
Seamen’s has continued our commitment to community, and we now have five branches from Eastham to Provincetown serving and responding to the needs of the residents and businesses from Provincetown through Brewster. In addition to providing low-cost banking with friendly service, we support our community by actively participating in fund-raising events and backing charitable causes.