External Transfer Service Agreement

I acknowledge that the External Transfer feature allows me to electronically transfer funds via the automated clearing house (“ACH”)
between my eligible Seamen’s Bank accounts and my External Account(s) at other financial institutions once I have successfully
registered my External Account(s).

This includes: one-time on-demand transfers, which allow me to initiate multiple, non-recurring, individual transfers based on the
transfer date and dollar amount that I request through the Transfer Funds feature of Online Banking from time to time; and/or
recurring transfers, which allow me to initiate recurring transfers of a set dollar amount at regular intervals that I have established
through the Transfer Funds feature of Online Banking.

Subject to the terms of the External Transfer feature, including the terms of my Online and Mobile Agreement with Seamen’s Bank, I
hereby authorize Seamen’s Bank to initiate deposits and/or withdrawals to/from my eligible Seamen’s Bank accounts and each
registered External Account indicated previously at the depository institution(s) named above and to deposit and/or withdraw to
and from such accounts for (a) various amounts at varying times by making on-demand transfers pursuant to my instructions, and/or
(b) for a fixed amount at the frequency I have selected by making recurring transfers pursuant to my instructions. If any transfer
attempt falls late in the day or on a weekend or holiday, I understand and agree that the transfer may be executed on the next
business day.

I hereby authorize Seamen’s Bank to initiate a withdrawal to the Funding Account indicated during the application workflow at the
depository institution named within that process. I authorize Seamen’s Bank to validate the ownership of my accounts at external
financial institutions through the use of a test transfer, in which one or more low value payments will be credited or debited from
your account at the other bank.

I hereby represent and warrant that I have all necessary right, power and authority to debit and credit the Funding Account(s)
identified, and that all information entered during the application process is complete and accurate. I agree that ACH transactions I
authorize comply with all applicable law.

If funds transfer instructions identify a bank or beneficiary by name and account number, the relevant financial institution may
execute those instructions by reference to the number only, even if the number does not correspond to the name. You understand
that such financial institutions may not investigate discrepancies between names and numbers. In addition, you agree that the Bank
has no responsibility to investigate discrepancies between names and numbers.

Should an incorrect amount be withdrawn from or deposited to my Funding Account or my Seamen’s Bank account(s), I authorize
Seamen’s Bank to correct the error by debiting/crediting my External Account(s) or my Seamen’s Bank account(s).
For security reasons, the Bank has established the following transfer limits: No more than 5 debit or 5 credit transactions per day,
with a maximum of $10,000 per transfer. The maximum allowable transfer amount per day is $24,999. The Bank reserves the right
to change my External Transfer dollar limit at any time. If the Bank decreases the dollar limit, I will be notified as required by law, but
the Bank may not notify me if they are restricting my transfer limits for security purposes or because of excessive overdrafts to my
Seamen’s Bank account.

External funds transfers are also subject to the rules and regulations governing the related accounts. I agree not to affect any
external funds transfers from or to accounts that are not allowed under the rules or regulations applicable to such accounts
including, without limitation, rules or regulations designed to prevent the transfer of funds in violation of OFAC regulations.
The Bank reserves the rights to decline any funds transfer requests, to submit funds transfer instructions or orders, to cancel funds
transfer requests, or to carry out change or cancellation requests initiated by me.

Any modifications to my authorization (e.g., addition of certain outside banks) must be made through Online Banking.
I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions must comply with the provisions of applicable law and the rules of the
National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). I request the financial institution that holds my External Account to honor
all transfers initiated in accordance with this authorization form


rev 1.31.2023

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